Industrial Outdoor Storage - Truck Parking - Materials Storage - Equipment Storage - Container Storage

Naples, FL

Up to 3 acres needed for construction parking to build a new facility within 15-30 minutes from Cambier Park. The closer the better, as we’ll need to shuttle workers back and forth. Contact: Brad Hutton with Franklin St at 321-231-1153.

Indianapolis, Dallas, and Columbus

Ten acres needed. Fenced, lit and secured truck parking yard, no need for a building. Monthly truck parking operation. Contact: Guillermo de Nicolas with Panther Capital Group at 321-301-3947.

Pittsburgh/Penn Hills

Two to five acres needed. Repo yard for vehicles, tenant needs gravel or asphalt lot. Contact: RT Walker with Lee & Associates at 412-879-0117.


Day Cab Requirements

Month to Month, or Commitment up to 12 Months

  1. Sacramento – 100 assets

  2. Cincinnati / North Kentucky – 100 assets

  3. Oakland – 25 assets

  4. Miami – 30 assets

  5. Newark – 100 assets

Sleeper Cab Requirements

Overnight parking, 5-10 slips per day, variable

  1. Burlington and Teterboro, NJ

  2. Charlotte, NC

  3. Baltimore, MD

  4. Little Rock, AR

  5. Grand Rapids, MI

  6. Bakersfield, CA

  7. Long Beach, CA

  8. Tucson, AZ

  9. Oxnard, CA

  10. San Diego, CA

The tenant is well-known and will be disclosed after initial conversations. For more information, email us here: EMAIL

Do you have any space needs for industrial outdoor storage, low coverage, or truck parking?

We help users with the following IOS needs:

  • Industrial outdoor storage (IOS)

  • Truck parking

  • Trailer parking

  • Truck terminals, service, and repair

  • Industrial service facilities (ISF)

  • Container storage

  • Heavy equipment storage and parking

  • Building materials

  • Contractor lay-down yards

  • Bulk materials storage

  • Auto storage

  • Cross-dock facilities

  • Hybrid warehouse + IOS

  • Hybrid flex industrial + IOS

We cover all metro areas in the US. We can specify the exact acreage you need and detail your preferred amenities (fencing, lighting, office, restrooms, etc).

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