IOS List - April 6, 2023

News on GreenPoint, Turnbridge, Triten, IOV. Five IOS listings. Port and interest rate news.

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GreenPoint Launches Platform to Acquire $500M in IOS. The alternative investment specialist has already closed two acquisitions of truck parking in Houston and DFW with a total capacity of over 1,000 semis and trailers. Greenpoint is partnering with Semi-Stow, a truck and trailer storage operator based in Austin. Golf clap for GreenPoint.

Turnbridge Pays $7.3M Per Acre for IOS Dev Site. SoCal IOS just hits different. In an off-market deal, Turnbridge Equities snagged a 2.49 acre site for $18.3 million. The parcel is a chip shot from I-110 and long par 4 to the 405. This is the first IOS acquisition for Turnbridge, and they certainly made a splash. Congrats to the team.

Triten Acquires 10 Acre IOS Near Curtis Bay Terminal in Baltimore. The Houston-based firm was attracted to the long-term development potential of the site with the near-term income from IOS. This is Triten’s third industrial purchase in Baltimore. Crabcakes and container storage, that’s what Maryland does.

Industrial Outdoor Ventures Tops $330 Million. While 2022 was a tumultuous year for most real estate groups, IOV brushed aside the volatility and closed on 30 acquisitions. Want a running total? Their current portfolio is 80 industrial service facility (ISF) assets across 18 markets. Strong work during a wild year.


Gastonia (Charlotte metro), NC - 18.4 acre IOS

IOS development opportunity. Land zoned I-2. Conceptual trailer parking lot mapped above that will accommodate 300 parking stalls. Surrounded by industrial users. Only 1.4 miles to Exit 14 on I-85.

Exclusively listed by Michael Catanese at Park Commercial at 704-907-1985 or [email protected].

Georgetown (north Boston metro), MA - 38 acre IOS

Assemblage at the intersection of I-95 and Rte 133. Industrial zone B with permitted uses of industrial, transport terminal, self storage, marijuana overlay district, and others. Link to listing: CLICK HERE

Exclusively listed by Dusty Burke with ACRE at 508-735-6378 or [email protected].

Smyrna (Nashville metro), TN - 1.8 acre IOS

Former auto dealer is the perfect IOS conversion. Existing paved parking up front with fenced area in the rear for more. The existing 5,000 sf building has 20 ft height in shop area. Three 12 ft roll-up doors in the back. Property is 16 miles to Nashville airport. Close proximity to I-24, I-65, and the I-840 southern Nashville loop. Asking price: $1,350,000. Link to listing: CLICK HERE

Exclusively listed by James Yates with Red Realty at 615-896-2733 or [email protected].


Oklahoma City, OK - 1.5 acre IOS 

This 1.5 acre storage yard is perfect for contractors or equipment storage. The property has immediate access to I-35 and I-240. Fully fenced and secured. Gravel surface. Electric gate. Nearby neighbors are Anheuser Busch, Hampel Oil, Locke Supply, Pioneer Fasteners, and others.

For pricing, reach out to Landon Greve at 970-485-5961 or [email protected].

Plymouth (Boston metro), MA - 5.6 acre IOS

Partially paved, fenced and lit. Available for long-term ground lease or dev opp. Clear visibility from Route 44 with interchange with Route 3. Neighbors are Amazon distro, WalMart, Lowe’s, and Plymouth Industrial Park. Zoning of MC (mixed commercial) allows for industrial uses by right: warehouse and distro, parking lot & garage. Building specs allows for 35’ height, 3 stories, FAR of 0.75. Offered as-is, no formal asking price. Link to listing: CLICK HERE

Exclusively listed by Linda Houllahan with Jacob Realty at 617-852-7052 or [email protected].


Source: US Census

Fuhgeddaboutdit, Newark port volumes are surging like the guitar solos at a Bon Jovi concert. The west coast ports are still reeling from COVID logjams and labor issues.

The Port of Los Angeles needs to replace a labor contract that expired on July 1, 2022. As of this writing, no deal. Port exec Gene Seroka acknowledge the lack of a deal is affecting imports and pushing cargo to East and Gulf Coast ports and “some of that cargo may be lost for good.”

Competing ports in the East and Gulf Coast have received more than $11 billion in federal investment since 2010 versus $1.2 billion for the West Coast. Picking winners? Or is it a battle of business friendly states versus over-regulation?


Real estate investing is essentially interest rate trading through a hard-asset medium. Manage your debt well and good things will happen. At IOSList, we highlight the debt markets daily to keep you informed. First up…

Everyone’s favorite recession indicator, the 10 year treasury over the 2 year treasury has rebounded sharply from the brief banking “crisis” we had a few weeks ago. See above. The measure is still negative, but the anxiety level is way down. And a tech bank in Silicon Valley is now owned by a friendly bank in Raleigh, NC. I hope y’all like pulled pork in Atherton.

News flash: the bond market doesn’t believe the Fed will continue to raise rates. The dots represent the Fed governor’s rate expectations, and the line represents the market’s expectation of future rates (cratering soon). Both parties meet around January of 2026, aka Disco Time.

PSA: Check your loan docs! LIBOR will be discontinued on June 30, 2023. If you have a loan or rate hedges with a LIBOR-based rate, you will need to convert them early to SOFR.


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