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IOS List - April 19, 2023 - Rent Database

Announcing the IOS rent database. Give to get!

Good morning. This is IOSList, and we are your sous chef in the IOS kitchen, cooking up some Michelin-star industrial cuisine.

We interrupt our normal daily news roundup for a huge product announcement below!


Data is the new oil. Sadly, data sources for IOS rents are severely lacking. We are fixing that by bootstrapping a nationwide database of IOS rents.

How does it work?

We are following the Give-to-Get model. You simply input data on one (or several) of your IOS properties, and you will gain access to the complete rent database. The database will update daily with the newest rent information. It may take a few weeks initially to populate the database for the first release.

Is it anonymous?

Yes. We don’t ask any questions that could identify particular properties. We ask general information about location (metro area), approximate size, and rent details. We won’t share your email address.

How much does it cost?

At first, the rent database will be free. As the depth and detail of our information grows, we may charge in the future.

How do I participate?

Simple. Just click on the button below and use the form to complete the quick survey (3 min). And help populate the database by sharing this message with colleagues, owners, and brokers!