IOS List - April 21, 2023

Part 1 of our series on AI. Yes, AI will impact our beloved IOS. Plus: a for-lease property on Banana in Fontana.

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To tee up our hot takes, I asked Stable Diffusion (the AI art bot) to create a truck terminal in the style of Van Gogh:

Let’s dive in.

AI - Anything to worry about?

Look, there aren’t many ways that AI will mess with IOS, right? Right!? 

You would assume that the gravel-and-chain-link set would be immune to any software-based disruption. I mean, we move physical objects through time and space. We do real stuff. We get your trucks off the road and keep your bulk materials in neat little hills.

Think again. In an industry that is consolidating as quickly as IOS, the gold rush for superior data is on. AI will turbo charge this search for data and the business processes that follow. Imagine…

You are a principal at an IOS shop. You hire a geek to build you an AI agent with a simple text box interface. The system is plugged into other databases like CoStar, LinkedIn, IOSList, GIS. You type:

Find me all the I-2 zoned parcels within 50 driving miles of the LA port. They must be within 3 miles of a major freeway interchange. Minimum 3 acres. Find the ownership records and skip trace for address, phone, email. Enter the ownership records into our CRM. Write a personalized outreach email to each, in casual style. Run a continuous A/B test based on the email open rates. Attach our firm’s closing track record. Set a follow up sequence with a Calendly meeting invite. Record the current owner’s purchase price and purchase date in our database.

People are building this exact thing, right now. Our business processes will never be the same.

At IOSList, we hired a developer in Tunisia to develop an app that will tell you the exact local zoning designation for IOS and will describe the permitted and prohibited land uses.

We are launching the tool next week.

In summary, tech can’t replace our yards, but it can replace the business processes surrounding IOS investment, brokerage, leasing, and lending. More AI commentary below, after a short break to sell you some IOS.


For Sale or Lease - Atlanta MSA - 5.4 acre Fully Fenced

This IOS opportunity sits on a fully-fenced 5.4 acre lot. It is located within the Fulton Industrial District which is the largest industrial district in the eastern US with more than 52 million sf of industrial space. Located less than a mile from a brand new 1.1M sf Amazon distribution warehouse as well as Manheim GA, North America’s leading provider of vehicle re-marketing services.

Exclusively listed by Michael Watson with Northmarq at 404-823-6749 or [email protected].

OFF-MARKET CONFIDENTIAL: Metro Boston, MA - 40+ acre IOS

This is an IOS development opportunity on 40+ total acres (of which 24 acres are buildable). Already approved for 500+ trailer parking and fueling station. Location is convenient to Providence, RI and Boston, less than 2 miles to Rte 495. Also possible to subdivide for multiple users.

Exclusively listed by Linda Houllahan with Jacob Realty at 617-852-7052 or [email protected].


Fontana, CA - 2.3+ acre IOS 

This is a great low-coverage site in the Inland Empire market. The site contains a 3,500 sf warehouse on 2.27 acres. Close proximity to I-10 and I-15. Fully fenced and secured with electric wrought iron gate.

For details, reach out to Mat Skogebo with Lee & Associates at 951-276-3646 or [email protected].

IOS site on Banana in Fontana. Fun to say.

Fontana, CA - 4.04 acre IOS

This great IOS site is very well located with nearby access to the 15 and 10 freeways and located in the South West Industrial District. The yard is stabilized stone, fenced and secured, and includes a 2,195 sf office building. The permitted uses include outdoor display & sales, truck and trailer storage, equipment and materials storage, registered vehicle storage, and industrial repair. The parking layout includes 106 parking stalls (55×12 ft).

For pricing information, reach out to Brad Yates with Stream Realty at 909-970-6204 or [email protected].


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No need for us to speculate. We asked ChatGPT how AI will impact IOS:

The first three responses focus on how AI will affect IOS tenants, not necessarily the owners, brokers, or vendors to the industry.

But the robot just kept on spitting knowledge. Number 4 is probably the most relevant for IOS owners.

I feel like I just read a book report. The AI coughed this up in about 3 seconds. And while it reads like the back of an oatmeal package, it could just as easily be pulled directly from a McKinsey industry report.

What to do about this? Give everyone in your company the $20/month ChatGPT Plus subscription, and let them work it into their daily tasks. Set aside time to think about how this capability can bring you more deals, more tenant interest, more investors, more.

Oh, and lawyers beware…


We are compiling a nationwide IOS rent database. You want in?

IOSList rental rate information is hard to find. So we decided to bootstrap a rent database with our readers. It’s simple. You upload information on one of your IOS leases, and you get access to the full database. Give-to-get. Click below to submit and unlock access:

Help us spread the word by sharing this with IOS colleagues. Oh, and it may take a few weeks to populate the initial dataset, so thanks in advance for your patience!


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