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  • IOS List - May 1, 2023 - ZoningScout.com Announcement

IOS List - May 1, 2023 - ZoningScout.com Announcement

Announcing ZoningScout, the AI-enabled zoning bot for commercial real estate pros.

Good morning. This is IOSList, the (almost) daily newsletter covering IOS news and listings that is read by over 4,500 IOS pros!

We are moving fast. Today, IOSList is announcing a huge new product for our subscribers!


AI will impact every industry. Starting with the mundane, the routine, and the tedious processes we all dread. Searching muni-code to determine local zoning and permitted uses is one of those boring tasks. We fixed that by creating an AI-enabled zoning search bot called zoningscout.com.

How does it work?

Simple. Input your city, general land use, and the permitted use you want to verify (truck parking, outdoor storage, etc). In the background, the application interfaces with OpenAI to produce details of the exact zoning code you are seeking, with direct links to the zoning-code for your verification. Give it a try now:

Click above to try ZoningScout!

How much does it cost?

The tool is free for our IOSList subscribers. Spread the word.


In software-speak, this is an “alpha” version. Basically a first draft. There will be bugs, but we wanted to get it out there quickly so our loyal readers can help us uncover and fix issues. Do your own research to verify the info that ZoningScout produces. IOSList is not liable for any business decisions made under the influence of ZoningScout. Enjoy and report back!